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Operating environment and business performance in 2009

Strategic progress in 2009

In 2009, TNT completed its Focus on Networks strategy. This strategy was first presented in the fourth quarter of 2005 and was based on TNT's core strengths, which centre on managing networks. The following charts depict the essential elements of a network-based strategy.

What is a network?

Network diagram

Since the start of the second phase of this strategy (Grow and Build Value) in December 2007, TNT emphasised further strengthening and active maintenance of the core of the portfolio (Express Europe and Mail Netherlands) and accelerating the build-up of the emerging platforms in European Mail and Parcels and in Express. In addition, other delivery solution opportunities, such as deferred services and niche solutions for specific client sectors, were developed.

Looking more closely at 2009, TNT advanced its penetration in key markets while controlling costs and optimising cash to provide long term growth platforms and to counter the unprecedented downturn in economic activity. Express was able to remove €428 million from its cost base while integrating acquisitions in Brazil and Chile (Araçatuba Transportes e Logística S.A. (Araçatuba) and LIT Cargo, respectively), enabling the roll-out of the first-ever day-definite express product in South America. Similarly, TNT Hoau introduced a day-definite product to the Chinese domestic market. In Mail, the year featured ongoing labour negotiations in the Netherlands as management and the trade unions sought a socially responsible and financially viable way of accommodating structural volume declines.

In short, 2009 was a tough year through which TNT managed to achieve record-level cost savings and strong free cash flow while strengthening the foundations for mid term and long term profitable growth in day-definite delivery services.

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